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Lincoln Terrace

Dalton, OH, USA

(330) 737-2200

Lincoln Terrace, situated in Dalton, Ohio, is a manufactured housing community that provides practical and cost-effective residential solutions. This community boasts a variety of well-maintained manufactured homes, making it an attractive choice for those in search of budget-friendly housing. Nestled in Dalton, residents benefit from convenient access to local amenities and services. Emphasizing simplicity and affordability, Lincoln Terrace offers a dependable option for individuals seeking an uncomplicated and economical living environment in the town of Dalton, Ohio. With its tranquil setting and a focus on practicality, it stands as a reliable choice for those looking to settle into a straightforward and budget-conscious residential arrangement within the welcoming community of Dalton.

Property Highlights

Dalton Elementary School

Dalton Intermediate Middle School

Dalton High School

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