You should be able to have the ability to pay on the go because you lead a busy life. Don’t let the first of the month add extra stress! Utilize your online tenant portal to set up automatic payments (AutoPay), and make paying your rent on time, one less thing to worry about. You can also sign up for automatic rent reminder emails and texts to avoid late payments and late fees.


We also offer free credit reporting for our online paying tenants. By optioning into our credit reporting, paying online and on-time, you build you credit history to potentially improve your credit score!


($2.95 convivence fee (per transaction) when you use your bank account. $2.95 + 3% (per transaction) when you use a credit card)

**Please note before registering, we will need to confirm your email address on file before your account can be verified, for security purposes.**


CashPay is a cash payment alternative that makes paying your rent easier than ever. CashPay allows you to electronically pay your rent with cash at a CheckFreePay® walk-in service location.
How it Works!
1. Get your card from your property manager.
2. Visit a CheckFreePay® retail location with your card and Cash Payment before your rent Due Date.
3. Collect a receipt and you’re done!
Funds are electronically transferred from your bank account. Payments are recorded in your account and sent to your property management.
1.    Reduces the risk of theft.
2.    Funds are received faster.
3.    Less Late Fees.
4.    Pay even when the office is closed.
5.    Less questions on where your payment is.

Contact your manager today to schedule a time to get registered for CashPay!

Our properties currently accepting CashPay: Oakwood Mobile Home, Las Brisas, Ridgecrest, Wheel Estates and Forest Estates
Coming soon to Clear Creek, Cimarron, Los Robles, Southern Oaks and Gateway TX